About Us


Bello Architects is a full service architectural firm with offices on the North and South shores of Long Island, New York. We collaborate with our clients, design partners, and craftsmen to create highly custom environments. Projects are designed seamlessly into all types of regions across the U.S. including mountain, prairie, city, and coastal locations. 

The firm was founded on the strong principle of providing custom solutions to client’s complex and unique needs. Experienced staff creates site specific architecture that integrates all elements of design in residential and commercial settings. Our clients lives are enriched and enhanced by these designs that are timeless, functional and beautiful. We approach every project with a clear focus on our client’s vision and needs, rather than staying rigid in one particular “office design style.” 

We take pride in our passion for architecture and art with intermingling of both in construction. With a talented staff of professionals, Bello Architects maintains an office size that allows for direct collaboration between client and architect during conceptual design all the way through construction completion. Whether it be a high-end coastal residence in the Hamptons, an estate on the North Shore Gold Coast, or a chic new restaurant in Manhattan, our commitment to our clients remains the same……. to create extraordinary spaces tailored to their desires and needs.