Hiring the right architect is an important decision. There are several aspects that weigh in when making this determination. Whether you are a builder, contractor or looking to design your own home the architect plays a vital role.

Skills, experience and precision are attributes you want to acknowledge when you’re in the hiring process. You should vet several Long Island architects before you make your selection. There are several more than 3 tips to find the best architect but here are a few to help you along the way. Bello Architects is a full service architecture firm with 2 convenient locations in the North and South shores of beautiful Long Island. Our team is professional, intelligent and highly trained and skilled to take on any architecture project. From residential homes to commercial builders we provide custom solutions for our clientele.

3 Tips To Find The Best Architect

1- Licensed & Insured:

Licensing and liability are 2 main facets of being a professional. Ask if the architect you are looking to hire is fully licensed and insured. Bello Architects isĀ Licensed in New York State (Upper & Lower Region) New Jersey & Connecticut.

2- Reviews:

Search the company you are looking to hire online to see how their reviews are. Visit their web design as well to cross reference them. You can learn a lot about a company when you see what past customers are saying about them. Bello Architects has several A+ rated reviews online from past satisfied clients.

3- Years of Experience:

Having years of experience is another great attribute for an architect. With years of experience comes knowledge, innovation and new ideas to to make your project exactly what you envisioned. Bello Architects and team have several years experience in the architecture industry.

We hope you enjoyed readingĀ 3 tips to find the best architects. If we can be of assistance please contact us anytime.